Rachel Basolo, Professional Doula

Rachel holds herself to the highest professional standards and can be counted on to harness all her education, experience, and resources to support her client throughout their pregnancy and birth. Using her training as a birth doula by toLabor and Birth Arts International, coupled with her B.A. in Psychology, professional experience in higher education student support services, continuing education in cultural competency and modern birth topics, along with ongoing engagement in the birth community, Rachel has the tools and resources to provide exceptional service to discerning clients.

Rachel Basolo has direct experience in a wide breadth of pregnancies, including preeclampsia, advanced maternal age, new sibling introduction, first-time parents, difficult family dynamics, extended bed rest for high risk clients, serving all family types (single, married, partnered, straight and LGBT) through the many varied labor and birth experiences: intervention-free, unmedicated births in the hospital and birth center, planned and unexpected cesareans, fast vaginal labor and deliveries, prodromal labor, epidural, and VBAC.  Rachel is particularly proud that  one mother expressed that Rachel “helped make the kiddo’s arrival the experience (she) wanted and needed” after supporting her through an unexpected cesarean birth in the wee hours of a holiday morning.

Rachel came to Eugene in 1993 from a small, rural Oregon town to attend the University of Oregon. She has since planted roots in the community to raise her blended family of four children ages 8-16 with her wife, Jamie.  Rachel is approachable, level-headed and compassionate, and is committed to making your birth her professional priority.