“[There’s] the deep mind-body connection that comes when women let go of fear and plunge deep into the flow of birth, allowing their bodies to be their teachers, their guides. Birth wisdom…comes most completely not from the outside but from deep within the woman’s physiology.”

~ Robbie Davis-Floyd, Ph.D., from the foreword to “Gentle Birth Choices”

Baby Charlotte, content at 90 minutes old.

Baby Charlotte, content at 90 minutes old.




Rachel was an amazing, informed and patient provider. She was attentive and helpful through my whole experience. Not just for me, but for my family and nursing staff as well. I cannot describe how grateful I am that I got the opportunity to have her be a part of my birth process. I would gladly … Continue reading Danielle


My daughter Charlotte came into this world July 2, 2010. My labor and her birth were utterly transformed by Rachel’s presence. As a first time mother, I had and still have, a huge amount of respect and awe for Rachel’s innate ability as a mother and powerful, positive force in this world. Having her by … Continue reading Jessica